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Entertainment law – licensing

I recently did some work for a songwriter who was licensing out a song to a production company for use in a television show. In this case, the relevant contract was several pages long and included some quite complex legal concepts within it. Now let me say, I know a lot of songwriters, but I am quite sure the majority of them do not understand the nuances of subleases and assignments or indemnification. Yet most of these songwriters are [...]

Entertainment law – licensing2018-07-10T08:21:53-04:00

Small estates need wills too!

This week’s blog entry is a video blog! Today I’m talking about why everyone needs a will, the inspiration for this video comes from hanging out with my friends and answering the question of why they would need a will if they barely had any assets. I hope you find this video informative and feel free to send it to your friends if they ask similar questions! I will be posting more wills, trusts, and estates videos in the [...]

Small estates need wills too!2018-07-10T08:24:05-04:00

Managing your digital assets

The future is now. In our technological landscape, digital assets can comprise a large amount of your estate. Despite this I am routinely seeing wills that were drafted in the last 10 years which either completely fail to address the issue of digital assets or throw them in as an afterthought with no attention or care. To make matters worse, the laws in this area are still being developed and as such your heirs cannot rely on the court [...]

Managing your digital assets2018-07-10T08:25:47-04:00

Dealing with scams as an attorney

Today I received a call from a Plano number on my office phone. Within 30 seconds of our conversation I knew that I was dealing with a scammer. His story has been told a million times before, an unknown relative died overseas, he is the sole heir, the estate is $2.5 million dollars. And all he needs from you, in addition to your brilliant legal skills, is $5000 to pay the bank fees to release the money and then [...]

Dealing with scams as an attorney2018-07-10T08:27:01-04:00

5 ways a will can save you money

Five Ways that a valid Texas will can save you money! You might think that getting a will is expensive (it’s more affordable than you may think!) but beyond that, a Will pays for itself and then some. If you want to talk about these advantages and more, give me a call or shoot me and email and we can set up a free consultation either in person or by phone. I would love to see you in [...]

5 ways a will can save you money2018-07-10T08:27:31-04:00