All Texas families need a will.

Give me a call and I can explain what these documents are, what they do, and why you might need them. We can then set up a convenient appointment time. We can do much of this remotely so as to ensure social distancing. Whether you need the entire package or just certain documents, we can find a solution and a price-point that works for you.

If you have a larger estate or desire a more complex plan than a package provides, please call or email me and let’s talk about your situation and find a solution that works best for you and your family. I have worked with individuals and families with everything from very modest estates to multi-million dollar estates that require extensive planning, and every client receives the same care and attention.


A complete service of Wills & Trusts for our valued Texas friends and neighbors.

Last Will & Testament – sets up the distribution of your estate to the beneficiaries of your choice, appoints executors, appoints guardians for trusts of minor children or children younger than a specified age, and provides for independent administration. This one document, executed properly, greatly eases the burden on your loved ones and is the one legal document every single person needs.

Durable Power of Attorney – appoints an agent, someone you deeply trust, to make specified but broad decisions on your behalf. Used to plan for incapacitation, a durable power of attorney relieves much of the stress and burden when dealing with the affairs of a person who is temporarily incapacitated for health or other reasons. Durable Powers of Attorney are also great for adult children.

Medical Power of Attorney – appoints an agent to make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to do so yourself. The agent acts according to the wishes that you have specified within the document and you may limit their decision making authority. Even if you have executed a Medical Power of Attorney before, these documents often have errors in the execution when drafted by non-attorneys, some of which are fatal to the validity of the document. Additionally I keep signed originals of all Medical Power of Attorneys on file and can fax them over to a medical provider of your choice within one business day.

HIPAA Authorization – This is commonly overlooked by attorneys, but the medical power of attorney is only useful if the healthcare providers are authorized to provide your agent and family members with your protected health information. Absent a signed and notarized HIPAA authorization, agents have run into the problem of healthcare providers not accepting the Medical Power of Attorney alone as a release for protected information.

Directive to Physician (living will) – states your wishes in regards to medical care when faced with a terminal or irreversible condition. While difficult to contemplate, these documents relieve an incredible amount of guilt and burden on family members. By making your choices known ahead of time, your loved ones are saved from making impossible decisions and the second guessing that can otherwise follow. Directives are kept on file at my office and copies are forwarded to your healthcare providers.

Appointment of Guardian – appoints the people who you would want to become the guardian of your children (possession of the child) and of their estate (administration of their property) in the event you die or are incapacitated. You can list many alternatives in case your first choices are unable to serve. Additionally, you can specify any people you do not want to become a guardian. Generally incorporated into the will, an appointment of guardian can be executed as a separate document.

Handling of Wills instructional sheet – A well drafted and valid will is only useful if your family can find it when they need to. By following these simple steps you can ensure that your family has ready access to your will and all other estate planning documents.

Will Execution Ceremony – There are specific steps that must be taken during the execution for the will to be valid. I provide an in-office will execution ceremony that I supervise to ensure that everything is done properly.