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Is Your Tour Van REALLY insured?

Your personal car insurance policy may not cover your tour van. Picture this: you are on tour somewhere between Detroit and Chicago when suddenly you hit a patch of ice and slam into the car in front of you, the van is mangled and absolutely totaled. As you stand in the cold on your phone giving the details of the accident to your auto insurance rep you hear the bad news, "Your personal policy likely won't cover this." Auto [...]

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Four issues a band agreement should address

Your band is business, whether you choose to look at it that way or not. As such there is a tremendous amount of value in putting the big things in writing. A band contract might seem awkward and this is understandable, you are (hopefully) good friends with all your band mates, but look at it like a pre-nup (or pre-marital agreement as us Texas lawyers refer to them). You might not need this contract unless things get messy, but [...]

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This may come as no surprise to some of you reading this, but I enjoy gambling. I like the thrill, I like the social aspect, and of course I like the big wins. However one thing every smart gambler knows is that you don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. It’s not worth the risk and it’s not fun. So If you don’t have a comprehensive estate plan then you need to ask yourself, “is this money [...]